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Exiting first classes!

Wow, that was exiting! I really enjoyed the first day as a teacher P.E. again. It’s good to know that my repertoire is still there when I need to improvise. It is nice to feel that my interaction with adolescents ‘works’ in a way that I can get to the end of a lesson without much pushing and pulling. However, I do have a lot to practice again and find the didactics to create a more fluent class. That is, that one activity leads naturally to the other without plenary stops in between.
Now, did I already get inspired to extend the set up my research? Not really, since I am still to busy teaching. What I do know is that it has to do something with the planning of the lessons and choosing the ‘right’ activities in the classes and the subsequent pedagogy to go along with it. So, something with the ‘goal circle’ and working in the zone of proximal development in P.E.. I probably need theory on identity and physical development to create a adequate theoretical framework, since CHAT is to ‘general’ and holistic to be practical in my classes.

Practitioner and researcher: a new journey back to base

1b346b63f31e1f9cb541e36cb87779cc_viewThis school year I will start as a teacher physical education again at a school for prevocational education (VMBO) close to where I live. It was about six years ago that I got rid of my  whistle, and the indoor shoes I once used weekly have become so dry that they are dangerous to use playing tag. Two months ago there was an p.e. opportunity at a school near me, with a doable schedule. I applied and got the job. So I am back to where I started, or am I? Lees verder