Reading Vygotsky’s Educational Psychology (orignally from 1926 I believe):

“..every pedagogical science that has treated knowledge in isolation from praxis has virtually always produced entirely unwarrented efforts and, (…) has acquired the character of fruitless Sisyphean labor, like pouriing water into a bottomless pit.


Come to think of it, every exercise in school is so designed that it’s as if the student were being asked to work on something for a while but is first told that this work is pointless, is not needed for anything, and is, for all intents and purposes, worthless.


An educational system lacking all orientation has, accordingly, been created that has never been able to answer the question as to what might be the point of studying this or that subject.”


(p. 195 in Vygotsky, L. (1997). Psychological understanding of occupational education. In Educational psychology (pp. 181-203). Boca Ratou, FL: St. Lucie Press. )


Unbelievably up to date…..