In my jobs or as hobbies next to it, I’ve organised several events or was part of the organising committee.

1996 as a student at the ALO: chair of the organising committe of the “interacademiale”

in 2000 as a teacher at Gymnasium Juvenaat I organised, among other things during the centennial celebration, a ‘cultural night’ (culturele avond) and was a producer of a play.


Twice  I was member of the PR committee during the organisation of a parade for the Giants. In 2012 I co-developed their website for that purpose:

In 2009 I was a member of the local organising committee of the EARLI pre-conference: JURE

After the earthquake in Haïti together with friends in other cities, I organised with my wife, brother and sister in law, a fundraising activity during carnival in Bergen op Zoom: a ‘binnefiets kesert’. We raised 1111 euros.

Basis CMYK

From summer 2011 onward I am a member and from 2014 onward secretary of the ISCAR executive committee and local organiser. I was  chair of the organising committee for the February 2013 Dutch_German symposium.