Symposium ORD, Agency van leraren in verschillende contexten

Hieronder, na de samenvatting, de links naar presentatie en paper van mijn bijdrage aan het symposium over agency van leraren op de Onderwijs Research Dagen 2007. Daaronder (klik verder) de samenvatting.



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Practitioner and researcher: a new journey back to base

1b346b63f31e1f9cb541e36cb87779cc_viewThis school year I will start as a teacher physical education again at a school for prevocational education (VMBO) close to where I live. It was about six years ago that I got rid of my  whistle, and the indoor shoes I once used weekly have become so dry that they are dangerous to use playing tag. Two months ago there was an p.e. opportunity at a school near me, with a doable schedule. I applied and got the job. So I am back to where I started, or am I? Lees verder

ISCAR network(s)

UPDATED 10-11-2013

In order to connect members, but also non-members, of the international society for cultural-historical activity research, on several social networks we created groups, topics and interests. Those interested in this theory and research area can, using the networks below, connect, keep up to date and even cooperate. This was an initiative started at the 2013 ISCAR summer university in Moscow.

The executive comittee would like to ask people interested in ISCAR, especially the members, to fill out a short questionnaire on their preferences for (online) connection and cooperation. It will take about 10 minutes. We thank you for filling it out.

The URL to the form:

On Facebook there is an open group page called ISCAR, you can find it here;
On LinkedIn there is also an open group called ‘ISCAR intenational network’ here;
On ResearchGate you can find several topics related to ISCAR, but we created an additional topic ISCAR;
On we did the same as on ResearchGate with a research interest, it’s also called ‘ISCAR network’
On Youtube several video’s are placed on CHAT topics by, among others, Marilyn Fleer.  Search for, for example ‘Cultural historical theory’,’ perzjevanie’, or go to the video’s of Marilyn Fleer:

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